St. John The Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church in Newark NJ

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Lenten Mission 2019

1st sermon

2nd sermon

Lenten Mission 2018

1st sermon: New Perspective

2nd sermon: In God's Likeness

3rd sermon: Christ is Our Light

Lenten Mission 2017: PRAYER

1st sermon: Do we pray?

2nd sermon: What are we saying?

3rd sermon: How is God answering?

Lenten Mission 2016: THE FACE OF MERCY

Our church is holding a Lenten Mission which has as its goal to prepare us in a very special way for the glorious feast of the Resurrection of Christ. The following are some thoughts from the first sermon of this Mission: “No one can erase from our hearts our yearning for God. It is not enough for us to hear God, we also want to see Him. Our Lord answered man’s yearning and revealed His face in His only-begotten son, Jesus Christ. The Catholic Church has declared this year to be the Year of Mercy. Therefore throughout this Mission we will be gazing at the face of our merciful God so that our life can be opened to good deeds.” If you would like to know more, please see our YouTube channel.

Lenten Mission Part 1

The meaning of the jubilee year

Lenten Mission Part 2

Be merciful, as your Heavenly Father is merciful

Lenten Mission Part 3

Sin and repentance

Lenten Mission Part 4

Through mercy to worship, in unity with the saints