St. John The Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church in Newark NJ

Ukrainian School

The New Ukrainian School is dedicated to teaching the Ukrainian language, history, culture and religion to students ranging from kindergarten through twelfth grade.

The mission of the New Ukrainian School is to promote, support, conduct and maintain educational programs, especially for, but not limited to, American youth of Ukrainian descent. The focus is on the rich cultural heritage of the Ukrainian people.

The staff of New Ukrainian School under the loyal patronage of St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church in Newark, NJ is dedicated to awakening a deep love in every child for their Ukrainian heritage.

New Ukrainian School in New Jersey is non-denominational non-for-profit organization, which is open to all children. We also hold adult elementary language classes. In addition to learning the Ukrainian language, we also teach Ukraine’s culture, history, geography and religion – all in a fun environment. The school participates in many multicultural activities in the region by performing poetry and music. Our classes are typically held on Thurssdays between 5:00 pm and 7:30 pm at the “New Ukrainian School” building across St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Church at 736 Sandford Ave., Newark, NJ 07106

While education and instruction in Ukrainian language, history, culture and traditions are the primary functions of the school, it also serves as an important community focal point. Numerous functions, from Christmas caroling to establishing cultural links with academic and educational institutions in Ukraine, already organized.

In today’s society and fast paced life, it is not easy to stop and think, but it is important to remember who we are and who our ancestors were. It would be a loss to our children to forget their Ukrainian roots and culture. It is with regret that we are witnessing the closing of Ukrainian schools, the loss in membership in our Ukrainian community organizations. We cannot let the Ukrainian language disappear in the Newark area. We have a Ukrainian Catholic church here! We must stand strong, teach the next generation and pass on our Ukrainian culture.

Please, be a proud child of the Ukrainian cozaks, T. Shevchenko, L. Ukrajinka, the Orange Revolution and come join our classes. You may find a register form click here. Print it out and mail it as soon as possible to: 719 Sanford Ave., Newark, NJ 07106.

We hope to see more and more children and adults attending our school. As Ukraine grows as a democracy, there will be a greater demand for Ukrainian speaking specialists in the near future. Please, share our optimism and sign your son/daughter to our school!