St. John The Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church in Newark NJ

Pre-Cana Marriage Courses

St. John’s Ukrainian Catholic Church Pre-Cana Marriage Courses are an intensive 2-day workshop for couples preparing to marry within the Ukrainian Catholic faith. Throughout the Conference, we aim to:

• Facilitate and increase the closeness between the couples by encouraging them to discuss a variety of issues that they may come to expect as a married couple

• Provide certain methods (tools) that may help the couples examine their relationship over the coming years, and that may help them to express themselves in ways that may deepen their commitment to one another

• Encourage an atmosphere in which everyone can contribute and learn from one another

• Help couples understand the depth of the commitment that they are making to each other, and attempt to answer any questions that they may have about communication, finances, health, family dynamics, conflict and challenges

• Show how faith in God and a relationship with Him can strengthen the couple’s marriage, and how it can be a guiding force in solving problems

The format of the Pre-Cana Conference is varied. Certain topics are presented as lectures, while others are more interactive. Couples take part in both couple and group discussions, and complete a series of questionnaires.

It is our wish to provide the couples with an atmosphere that is conducive to reflecting and sharing, as they transition into yet another important passage of adulthood.