St. John The Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Church in Newark NJ

“Sing praise to God, sing praise; sing praise to our King, sing praise.” (Psalm 47)

St. John’s Church Choir in Newark exists as long as has the parish - for over 100 years! This choir encompasses deep traditions and an artistic heritage of several generations.

It had its beginning at the time at the time between the first and second wave of Ukrainian immigrants to the United States. The founder and first choir director was Theodosius Kaskiw. Then at the middle of the last century Michael Dobosh took over the choir and under his guidance the choir took part in the celebrations of the millennium of Christianity in Ukraine which were held in Rome. Zirka Bereza took over from Michael Dobosh. And from the middle 1990s until today the choir director is Michael Stashchyshyn.

This choir has a diverse repertoire: among many others, they perform works by Leontovych, Verbytsky, Stetsenko, Koshyts, Yatsynevych, Hnatyshyn, Lyudkevych….

These national masterpieces require musical talent and a certain level of experience. So we invite everyone who has the gift of a good voice and some musical experience to join us, for there is nothing better than to glorify God though song!